Monday, December 13, 2010

Free Kraft Easy Mac at CVS

The coupon dispensers at CVS this week are giving out $1 off coupons for Kraft dinners. Easy Mac is 0.99 so that means free mac n' cheese! Just run your CVS card under the coupon dispenser and they'll print out. Run your card until it tells you it reads "no coupons available - check back tomorrow" because sometimes this won't print out on your first scan. If you really love mac n' cheese, you could hypothetically go to CVS everyday this week and stock up. Hey, why not? It's free :)

And if you haven't signed up for a CVS card yet, you really should get on that! Takes a couple of minutes to do in the store, it's free, plus it'll save you tons of money.
Thanks Southern Cali Saver for the photo!

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