Friday, January 7, 2011

My CVS Trip: Only Paid a Penny!

You read that right. Yesterday I went to CVS and got $21 worth of items for just a penny! (In California, sales tax is 9.75% so the total came out to 1.45 because of the 1.44 I was charged for tax.

Here's a breakdown of my trip:

3 Excedrin (1 Extra Strength, 1 Migraine and 1 Back & Body) 4.99 each  (plus get $10 in ExtraBucks when you spend $20 on Excedrin products. I should note that I bought another bottle of Excedrin earlier in the week with another free product coupon that I had in order to reach the $20 to get $10 back.)
1 Colgate Whitening Toothpaste 2.69 (plus get $1 ExtraBuck for next purchase)
1 Speed Stick Deodorant 1.99
3 Extra Gum Packs 3 for $2 (plus get $1 ExtraBuck for next purchase)

Coupons I used:

1 Free Excedrin Product (-4.99)
-.75 off Colgate Toothpaste
-2.50 off Excedrin Migraine
-1.00 off Excedrin Extra Strength
$4 off when you spend $20 (CVS coupon)
$8 in CVS Extra Bucks (basically works like a CVS gift card)

TOTAL: $0.01 + $1.44 (tax) = $1.45
Plus I got $12 back in CVS Extra Bucks so it's like I made money on this trip!

***Yes, 4 bottles of Excedrin may seem like a lot, but since I got them for free, I was able to give 2 bottles away to my grandma. Since aspirin has a long shelf life, having a good stockpile never hurts.***

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