Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tips for Saving Time (While You're Trying to Save Money)

Lately, I've been doing some posts about joining e-mail lists in order to receive coupons for free products, or special discounts. Sometimes, in order to take advantage of a deal, you have to fill out forms in order to get that item (or sometimes rebate) shipped to you.

I spend less than 10 seconds filling out forms or subscribing to different eclubs. This is all possible with the Google Toolbar. There's an autofill option on the right hand side that you have all of your information stored in. Just click that button and the form will "AutoFill" for you in a second.

Next, I have a "junk email" account designated for all the clubs I join or whenever I am asked to provide it in order to score a specific deal. I check this maybe 3 times a week to make sure it doesn't get completely out of control. Having this account allows my primary email is left for personal and work related items and not get bombarded with emails that aren't time sensitive.

I'm all about efficiency, so even if I can shave off 5 minutes off something I regularly do everyday, that's more than a half hour a week! Granted, I'll probably spend that time rotting my brain with something on E! but someday I will turn that half hour into something productive...

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