Friday, November 19, 2010

Group Coupon Sites Will Save Your Social Life

If you're low on cash these days, the best investment you can make to save your social life is to join the many group deal sites available out there. For example, last month I really wanted to go to the movies because I hadn't been since Sex and the City 2 came out (the disappointment from that movie could fill a whole other post, not to mention that I had spent $12 to see that mess). Luckily, was offering a deal of $20 for 4 movie tickets through a partnership with Fandango. $5 for a movie?! You can't even get a small popcorn at the movies for $5.

The way these deals work is that each website partners with a merchant to offer one HUGE (50-90% discount) deal per day. Each city gets their own exclusive deal that is valid for purchase for 24 hours only. There are different restrictions for each deal (i.e. one per household, deal valid for 6 months, etc.) They offer everything from 50% off a massage at a local spa, to 75% off your oil change; it just varies on what is available that day. The most important thing to remember is that it's not a good deal unless it was something you were going to buy anyway and it's something you're sure you're going to use. So please, if you have a bad memory and will forget to use the coupons - don't spend your hard earned money!

Below are some of the websites I'm currently subscribed too. You get one email from them per day so if you're worried about that, make sure to set your filter to sort these out.




Lifebooker - High end salons in New York and LA post great deals when they have a cancellation or an appointment slot they were never able to book. If your schedule is flexible you could score great deals on mani-pedis, massages and hair cuts. - This one is a little different because it specializes in selling gift certificates to a number of restaurants for a fraction of the cost. For example, you can usually get $25 gift cards for around $6. The only catch is that it usually requires a minimum purchase ($25 cards is usually a minimum of $35) and tax and gratuity are added after the discount. But hey, $16 + tax and tip for a $35 dinner is not too shabby. The best part is that these certificates don't have an expiration date so you can save them for a special occasion. Plus, they usually have codes to use at check-out which make these even cheaper. The code for this month is "GOBBLE" and when you type it out at check-out will only make a $25 certificate $2! (Code valid until 11/25)

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